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Established in 1956 by Valentino Pagani and his wife Renata , Pagani S.r.l. was born as a company qualified in the production of wooden model for local foundries.

At the beginning, the production was completely handmade, the high quality warranty, the technical precision and the reliability of the final products depended on the manual ability and  competences of the owner and of his staff.

The acquired experience and the confidence shown by the customers have led to rapid growth and transformation:  Pagani passed from being a family company to the present legal form of limited company.

The technological and the IT development of the beginning of the 1990s was immediately embraced by the company that invested  more and more new resources in the innovation of the design and production departments .

The continuous updating allows the company us to offer the best you can find on the market in terms of high quality of the finished product.

The production of our moulds starts from the use of the  essential CAD (Computer Aided Design), using the multi-axis numerically controlled machines (CAM)  and  finally arriving at dimensional inspection thanks to the coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Research, talent, expertise, the quality of Pagani products is the sum of all these factors that can ensure the total satisfaction of the most demanding customer.

Since 1999 Pagani S.r.l. is certified with the

Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001

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A principle, infinite shapes.