We are pleased to inform you that our machinery has been enriched by a new
CNC vertical high-speed milling machine in Gantry design and with linear motors on all axes

EMCO - MECOF LINEARMILL 2200 - 5 axis milling machine with LINEAR MOTORS

Technical data:

  1. -Linear motors on all the axes

- Travel in X/Y/Z: X=4500; Y=2500; Z=1000 mm -

- Numbers of axes: 5
- Rapid motion speeds in X/Y/Z: 100.000 rpm
- Work feed X/Y/Z: 60.000 rpm
- Number of tool stations: 96 pockets
- Max. table load: 15.000 Kg


Thanks to the new coordinate-measuring machine (CMM), Pagani can guarantee, certify and improve the quality of its moulds.
The machine can measure moulds with a max size of 3000x2000x1500 mm.

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A principle, infinite shapes.

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Expo May – June 2015

The first two months of Expo 2015 have been a period full of events for rotational moulded products linked to the Universal Exhibition in Milan.

On 1st May 2015, simultaneously with the official opening of Expo, NHow Media Expo Hotel was inaugurated, it is the hotel which Expo has reserved to accommodate the main world press journalists visiting Milan during the six month of the exhibition.

For this occasion, the Spock chairs made by Pagani Stampi and Ve.Ca were chosen to decorate the most important areas of the hotel, particularly the lounge and the bar area. A specific exhibition on the design with several examples of rotational products accompanied the presentation of the project to the authorities and to the international journalists. It was also created a special print catalogue, distributed to about 230 journalists, which dedicates four pages to the project promoted by ITRO.