The Company

Pagani S.r.l. was founded in 1956 by Valentino Pagani and his wife, Renata Pasinetti, and was established as a producer of wooden models for local foundries which had been the company’s main activity for almost forty years.

All products were completely and rigorously handmade from the very beginning, and thanks to the manual abilities and expertise of the owner and his collaborators, the company was able to create final products which were technically precise and of high quality.

When the evolution of information technologies and the development of advanced high-tech machines occurred in the early 90’s, Pagani S.r.l. immediately saw it as an opportunity to invest in new resources with the aim to constantly modernise and enhance both design and production units.

In 1996, Pagani S.r.l. invested in its first milling machine when CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) departments were introduced, and this was when the company transitioned to the production of aluminium moulds which has been continuously the company’s core business for more than twenty years.

Pagani S.r.l. has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1999 for complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System standard.

The company’s experience in the moulding industry through the years has brought in loyal clientele which have led to a significant growth and transformation: Pagani S.r.l. progressed from being a family business to a limited company.

Pagani S.r.l. has always been known for its innovative approach in both processes and products. The constant quest for new and more efficient solutions made it possible for the company to offer the best products on the market which are of high quality, precision and accuracy.

It is the company’s aim to satisfy the expectations of all its clientele. Therefore, the production chain of the moulds always starts from the fundamental CAD, and then using the CAM to maximize automation and performances of the multi-axes computer numerical control (CNC) machines all the way through the dimensional inspection performed through the coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Pagani S.r.l. is an ethical company which pays very close attention not only to the production processes but also to the working conditions of its employees. The company proudly highlights its special focus on sustainable growth based on the ecological paradigm, and because it also understands the importance of a healthy workplace environment, continues to develop a corporate welfare plan which benefits all its employees.

The company has been supported by various suppliers and clients both in Italy and overseas. In fact, 40% of the company’s revenue derives from exports.

Pagani S.r.l. reached a level of automation in 2018 which turned the company into Industry 4.0. The milling centres are now connected with the internal management software which consequently makes it possible to monitor and analyse the data collected directly from the machines. The final goal is to constantly improve the efficiency of products, processes and logistic supported by big data analytics and new technologies.

Moulds Design

Tool Path Programming

Moulds Production

Models Realisation

Jigs Realisation

Dimensional Control

Founded in 1956 by Valentino Pagani and his wife Renata Pasinetti, the company has evolved over time, establishing itself in the design and production of complex high-quality aluminium moulds for various moulding technologies and different sectors.







Via Monte Misma 19
24050 Calcinate (BG)
tel +39 035 293580

VAT Number
IT 01627570169

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