Creation of Aluminium Moulds

The synergy between CAM software and CNC milling centres to automate processes and maximise production efficiency.

Creation of Aluminium Moulds

Thanks to modern high speed and large dimensions computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines, and to the creation of tool paths by the CAM department, Pagani S.r.l. is able to manufacture moulds of any size from the roughing to the finishing operations as well as the drilling operations.
The tools and the technologies that are still currently being used allow the company to deliver a final product where quality and precision levels never betrays the client’s expectations.

The moulds’ production, depending on the dimensions of the final piece and the specific necessities of the client, is made through the manufacturing of aluminium billets or castings. The most commonly used aluminium alloy is the 5083, however the client has the possibility to choose alloys with different chemical compositions hence different physical and mechanical properties such as the 7021 or the 7075 alloys.

Pagani S.r.l. is proud and certain to assert that the production chain of the moulds is entirely done internally: from the design of the mould and all its components to the frame, the surface finishing, the coupling, until the assembly and the testing of both the electrical circuits and the cooling systems.

The company mainly manufactures the following types of aluminium moulds:


  • Injection Moulds:

    – for Thermoplastic

    – for RIM process:





  • Rotational Moulds

  • Thermoforming Moulds

  • LFI Moulds

  • Compression Moulds

Founded in 1956 by Valentino Pagani and his wife Renata Pasinetti, the company has evolved over time, establishing itself in the design and production of complex high-quality aluminium moulds for various moulding technologies and different sectors.







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24050 Calcinate (BG)
tel +39 035 293580

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