Production of Models and Jigs

For over 60 years, industrial models and prototypes have given life to clients’ ideas. Pagani’s support in the production phase was made possible by offering jigs whenever necessary.

Production of Models and Jigs

Being active for more than sixty years, this department is the historical division of Pagani S.r.l.
In the past, the product was based exclusively on the manual abilities, knowledge, and expertise of the artisan. This ancient technique is currently being supported by modern and precise tools and machineries that can guarantee a quantifiable level of high quality and accuracy.

Pagani S.r.l. gives shape to the substance, making the clients’ idea a reality, through the manufacturing of simple or complex industrial and prototype models, in wood, ureol or polyurethane, with equipment depending on the clients’ specific needs.

The company also produces jigs of any types, in ureol or wood, completing so the supplementary offer to the moulds manufacturing and supporting the clientele even in the production phase. These devices are indeed being used for fitting, measuring and assembling the final pieces other than the possible drilling or cutting operations needed to finalise the pieces.

Manufactured models and jigs:

• Industrial Models

• Prototype Models

• Styling Models

• Fitting Jigs

• Assembly Jigs

• Drilling Jigs

• Cutting Jigs

Founded in 1956 by Valentino Pagani and his wife Renata Pasinetti, the company has evolved over time, establishing itself in the design and production of complex high-quality aluminium moulds for various moulding technologies and different sectors.







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