Design and Co‑design

Knowledge and skills in co-design and moulds design developed using a modern CAD software of absolute high level.

Design and Co‑design

Pagani S.r.l. believes that the design phase is not only the starting point but also the core of a project because it plays an essential role in adding value to the final product. For this reason, the company continuously upgrades its three-dimensional design technologies and has been doing so for over twenty years using only the most advanced technologies.

Research, knowledge, talent, and decades of expertise and advanced computer science technologies have allowed the company to offer its clientele a high level technical support during the design phase with the aim to develop high quality products.

Any potential and actual issues are thoroughly analysed and examined by the company’s technical team in order to find the best possible solutions to propose to its clients.

Pagani S.r.l. offers a team of experts who are always available to facilitate a direct and customised approach with its clientele. They can provide new ideas and/or solutions which are always evaluated along with the clients in order to produce nothing but the best products in terms of both absolute quality and cost-benefit analysis.


To be precise, the enterprise business capabilities include:

  • Design of Moulds for:

    – Injection

    – Rotational

    – Thermoforming

    – LFI

    – Compression

  • Co-design Services

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Models and Tools

  • Fitting and Assembly Jigs

  • Milling and Drilling Jigs

  • Gauges

  • Maquettes

  • Prototypes

With the assistance, the experience and the skills of the technicians at Pagani S.r.l., the clients are able to obtain a three-dimensional design or a physical model based on their concepts, making their initial idea a reality.

Founded in 1956 by Valentino Pagani and his wife Renata Pasinetti, the company has evolved over time, establishing itself in the design and production of complex high-quality aluminium moulds for various moulding technologies and different sectors.







Via Monte Misma 19
24050 Calcinate (BG)
tel +39 035 293580

VAT Number
IT 01627570169

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